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If you are having some problem with the windows new email services yahoo you can contact the Yahoo tech support. our team is available 24/7 to help you out with all the issue which you are facing and solve them on the spot with an accurate and precise solution to the problem.
Yahoo is improved with security and updates has made it more easy to use and improve the experience for the users. Yahoo is working hard on it to improve it more and more. It is a really great email service provided by the windows an is connected to windows live, take it as a future of Hotmail services.

Some of the great features that distinguish it from other email services are:-

·         IMAP improvements
·         People hub.
·         Exchange active sync.
·         Cache exchange mode improvements.

These are very improved distinguished features that yahoo provide you with the making it different from other email services. It is a g\really great email service but sometimes it might be run into some error issues or some technical problem . so here is the list of the common technical and nontechnical issue that user has faced with yahoo. you can also take help from Yahoo Tech Support for yahoo related issues.

1. YAHOO Crashes-

When you are using and it suddenly crashing without your knowing an doesn't work properly or might be it colliding with other apps while running in your system.

2. YAHOO stops responding-

When you are using the yahoo and it stops responding this can be due to server-side issues with poor or no internet connection while using case need support call Yahoo Customer Service Number .

3. Email is missing in the mails-

When you check your email and some of your emails are missing and you can't see them anywhere in any other folder or trash of the yahoo.

4.Email unable to send-

When you are sending email but it doesn't proceed further and goes again and again to outbox folder or drafts.

These were some of the common issues with a yahoo that user has seen. Our  Yahoo Customer Service  will help you out with the all the above issue that you have come across or nay another issue. contact us for the best possible solution to the problem.